About Dheepna Mohandas

People have always asked me which country do I prefer better , India or Oman? Born and spent almost 18  years in Oman , my answer was pretty much simple.However my last six years in India has got me confused with that answer at present.

I’m a 24 year old currently working at Bangalore , India – engineer by profession and writer by passion. An idea of a blog had been in my mind since a while yet only now did I have the time and patience to begin.

Usually we hear that blogs are supposed to be something you are passionate about , something you are very much familiar with. But my blog , is going to capture all those little wonders of life which we tend to miss in our monotonous life. It could be the smallest places i have been to or  just may be the longest conversations I have with my friends.

Being a huge foodie , you can also expect a lot of cafe reviews coming up as well!

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