Man’s Best Friend

This little guy came into my world sometime around February. Round and fluffy, just like a tiny furball, he was just 21 days when we got him. Little Rio is not my dog. He is one of my close friend’s 
puppy. However, I have been with this little one from Day 1 and I do not love him any lesser than my own.

Dogs are a blessing. They say that the best things in the world come in small packages and there are no better examples of this statement than dogs.Even though they have quite a short life, these guys do not fail to make the best impression during that while.

Be it your worst or the best day, you will find that no dog will behave any different with you based on your moods. And trust me you might even forget why you are upset in the first place the very moment your small pal reaches your face. Dogs are also said to be one of the best cures for depression. This is because of the sole reason that they might be the only beings on this entire planet who would not judge you for what you are or what you do.

I remember meeting this group of people once, who maintained a  Whatsapp Group to get all their dogs for a walk at the same time. There were almost ten to twelve of them, each a proud owner of their pet. Starting from a beagle to a husky, these guys went bonkers when they saw the other dogs. I remember that day, in fact, I remember that day very well. I was going through a rough patch back then and this day just changed it all for me.

I do not think anyone who looks into the eyes of a dog can ever think ill of them. It is natural to maybe get scared of them a little if you are not familiar. I myself am an example of that. I was and am still scared of stray dogs. They could be friendly however I have just not got that skill yet to pet them. But the street dogs? Well ,  they are the most special of the lot. They require the least of your attention and yet they will not love you any lesser than your own pet. Feed a stray just once and you will observe how loyal they are to you for the rest of their lifetime.

Even though I am a huge dog lover, I have not got the chance yet to keep one.However, Rio visits me often and he has stolen all my love I had for my first dog. Some people might judge pugs to be boring and dull but those who have met these little naughty creatures very well know what a task it is to stop these guys from jumping around.

Rio is now almost four months. He runs around like a maniac, eats whatever he find is chewable, and loves everyone. He is an attention seeker and if you focus on something else even for a while u can hear tiny growls next to you.

He has changed my life to a whole new level. I guess that is what dogs do. They never let you miss them because they are constantly on your side. You can be just quiet for sometime and yet you will find them sitting right next to your leg, not doing a thing. It just means they got your back no matter what goes on with you!